Prague, Czech Republic, Europe

Welcome at website of the 5PforRES

(Prague Project Portfolio Planning Platform for Renewable Energy Sources), which is devoted to SPC (Self-Powered Community) research for developing provinces and partnership of these provinces with other, better-to-do provinces. A partnership built on the principle of bilateral cooperation in trade with using information, financial, and organizational technologies of the 21st century.

5PforRES is a project founded with a mission to develop and disseminate the SPC Concept’s, WEMAF drivers’ and SPC Utility know-how in areas affected by poverty (due to climate change, wars, or other catastrophes). WEMAF infrastructure takes care of synergy in access to water (W), electricity (E), materials (M), air (A), and money (F) and it supports a broader infrastructure in a province.

The principle of the SPC Concept is a simple one. It is about proposing building and operating WEMAF infrastructure by SPC Utility in specific areas (provinces). The objective is allowing provinces to generate value by utilizing their renewable natural resources to benefit growth of local markets and thus strengthen their competitiveness and ability to independently participate in global markets.

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Zdenek Chalus, PhD

Founder and Senior Partner

Open eBook, read this website and let me know how we can find each other and turn the bio-economic development needs of our target groups (households and entrepreneurs in provinces of developing countries) into a robust demand which then province itself will apply on global market of opportunities and protection of life on our Earth.