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What is WEMAF?

SPC Concept presents and justifies the purpose and function of WEMAF drivers within the operation of SPC Utility. It follows up of ancient philosophy (especially that in China and Europe). For example, Aristotle formulated the earliest European view on elements of life (water, fire, soil, air), which modern physics converted into the concept of fluid, plasma, solid materials, gas. SPC Concept follows up on that principle and for its own needs works with five elements: water (W), electricity (E), material (M), atmosphere (A). And, in a reference to Aristotle’s statement that “When something has no owner, nobody cares about anything”, the SPC Concept is supplemented with another element, finance (F).

Water, Electricity, Material

That’s how the series of WEMAF drivers originated. It at the same time defines the framework of SPC Utility’s project portfolio. It includes capital investments into WEMAF infrastructure for access to water (water management and other projects focused ( on access to drinking water, on use of electricity (for individual, household, health care, education, agriculture, industry, transportation), and for access to jobs (by using locally available sources of material, especially biomass and its use in micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), and in agro-industrial zones (AIZ), within a province.

Ear and Money

Project portfolio includes two additional elements necessary for people’s lives in a province and they are important for everyone’s coexistence on the Earth. It is the air, our planet’s atmosphere, shared by people and the Nature. The other element is money, a unique invention of the Man. These two elements have global dimension and thus also a strong impact on every province. Polluted air is a problem for every living organism and creature on the Earth and loss of value of the money and loss of financial flows negatively affect behavior of a Man regardless where he lives. Therefore, these two belong to portfolio of WEMAF elements.

Global problems

As far as the air (the key processes in the entire atmosphere) is concerned, it is important to prove who and in what way is hurting the atmosphere and what rules to put forward for protection of the Earth’s atmosphere. Because Man is not able to direct these processes, the only remaining way left is – in harmony with nature – to experiment and act. One such experiment is already running. It is the proposal of the “Carbon Tax” and its regional implementations, for example in the U.S. and the E.U. Nonetheless, global, effective principle for enforcement and compliance with the rule “the polluter pays the costs of damages he causes” is still being sought.

Test of Sustainability

The solution via “Carbon Tax" aimed at protection of Earth’s atmosphere represents cash flow for operation of SPC Utility and long-term source of income and guarantee that coordination among developed and developing regions will get an orderly system which is acceptable to upcoming financial technologies (serving efficient administration of human activities on the Earth). SPC Concept has a sufficiently strong and broad scope to be able to contribute to solutions of the above-mentioned problem. It represents a sound “Start Up” for small and permanent revenues for provinces and at the same time also an assurance that the term “Financial Freedom” will work and become an added value to SPC Utility operation (more is in the e-Book).


WEMAF infrastructure is transparent and its internal links within a province are logical ones. Its standardization and digitalization of monitored processes offer implementable solutions for the environment where the Man and the Nature co-exist. That starts with strategy and ends with monitoring and financial settlement of operations being executed among humans (Sadly, Man doesn’t pay the Nature with money). The infrastructure defined and perceived in this way has a chance to grow into globally perceived system of financial operations supported by law enforcement using artificial intelligence. 

The infrastructure perceived in this way – even when it is just its WEMAF segment (which has the most significant influence on human behavior) – is a suitable environment for changes. For example, to depart from naive centralization (which is done by pubic proclamations and plans of powerful public and private groups) and by leaving behind selfish and chaotic decentralization in capital investments into infrastructure (i.e. when letting everyone do what he can and wants to do while generating profit only for himself). All this replace with applications of distributed systems (with links to demand generated from below – from provinces). When provinces (both the developed and developing ones) manage to do that then financial institutions (donors) will be themselves inquiring about opportunities to extend financing.

Using funds is again something which is offering itself and whole numbers of them already exist and at many levels. These comments just emphasize the need for simplification in operation of funds (accessibility for clients) and make their protection stricter (protect financial flows). But this simplification and stricter protection will require more education (higher readiness) of clients because services offered by the funds will be increasingly linked with new technologies in money management (they will, for example, work in the environment of blockchain databases complemented by smart contacts). But there is no reason for the work in such environment not starting now, with full force (especially as far as tests of absorption capacity of developed and developing countries to cooperate in such environment is concerned which achieving the necessary results). It is a real win-win approach for all of them.

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